Cae abatido «El Temible de Herrera» supuesto delincuente que mató a un venezolano el 24 de diciembre

“El Temible de Herrera” falls dejected, alleged criminal who killed a Venezuelan on December 24

Santo Domingo.- The National Police reported that he fell dead “The Fearsome of Herrera” when confronting a patrol attached to the Central Investigation Directorate (DICRIM), in the municipal district of Pantoja, in Santo Domingo Oeste.

This is Kelvin Junior Happy known as “Chele” or “The Fearful of Herrera”, 24-year-old, who resided in the Buenos Aires de Herrera sector and was wanted by means of several arrest warrants for assault with an armed hand, causing a firearm wound to a member of the National Police and killing a man of Venezuelan nationality during a robbery last Saturday December 24th.

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another showdown

According to the preliminary report, “the agents carried out their routine patrol work on the first street of Villa María de Pantoja, the place where Kelvin Junior Feliz, noticing the police presence, began a shooting attack against them without saying a word, which gave rise to a pursuit and a confrontation in which he was wounded that caused his death.

The Police also said that after the incident, the alleged antisocial was seized a Sig Sawer brand pistol, 9mm caliber, series No. 97F22958, with its charger and two capsules.

second shot down

Kelvin Junior Feliz is the second alleged criminal to be killed in a confrontation with agents of the institution, since yesterday the Police notified the death of Raymundo Vizcaíno (Ray and/or El Flaco) 21 years old, after alleged exchange of shots.

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According to the institution of order, “El Flaco” was pointed out in multiple criminal acts, including the death of Dabel de Jesus Zapata Rosa, 33-year-old son of Deputy Darío Zapata.

While Kelvin Junior Feliz was wanted for different criminal acts in various areas of Santo Domingo Oeste, through arrest warrants No.2021-TAUT-01247, to the detriment of Carlos Manuel Capellán; No.2022-TAUT-03950, to the detriment of Loyda Valdemira Paniagua Rodríguez; No.2022-TAUT-03553, to the detriment of Antonia Isabel Martínez Félix, and

The police also added that “The Fearsome of Herrera” had against him arrest warrant No.2020-TAUT-02408, to the detriment of police corporal Rafi Marcelino, who was intercepted on April 4, 2020 by the deceased today and Diego Manuel Lasose Tineo (submitted), who stripped him of regulation weapon and caused a bullet wound to the leg.

In addition, according to the investigations, he is one of the alleged perpetrators of taking his life by firearm. to the Venezuelan Javir Gonzáles Mata, 26 years old, on Saturday, December 24.

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