Economy reaffirms Mexico's objectives in the 2030 Agenda

Economy reaffirms Mexico’s objectives in the 2030 Agenda

On the last point, 2030 solutions, Clouthier Carrillo explained that it is a platform that “allows those who have better ideas to connect and say ‘I’ve already tried this, or we can do this to find solutions to an issue'”.

“The challenge is going to be how the needs are going to be linked with the solutions and then, normally, it is what mechanism or financing I am going to use to be able to carry out each action to a successful conclusion”, pointed out Tatiana Clouthier while specifying that not all the Actions will require financial resources.

Regarding economic and inclusive prosperity, we work with the private initiative, with the chambers and we collaborate to find this route that we want to strengthen.

The strengthening of local actions is aimed at “how I, from the local, can contribute to the maximum that has been the global village. We have already seen that the coronavirus, pollution or anything that seems to have no impact on the world, of course it does because we are all one”, said the secretary.

In national public policies for sustainability, the government is preparing a platform to follow up on the 169 goals that we are talking about, the official said.

“Mexico -from the private as well as from the public- has presented reports where it says where we are going and what the challenges are,” Clouthier said.

It is important to point out that the 2030 Agenda is not an imposition of the United Nations

“The 2030 Agenda is a north, it is a horizon towards which we are walking. We want to reach a world where our viability as a species is a fact”, Alfredo González, in charge of the executive secretariat of the 2030 Agenda in Mexico, commented in his speech.

In this sense, each municipality and each local government makes the decision to join the work of the 2030 Agenda and the actions that it will carry out.



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