The most wanted people by the Police in Bogotá

The most wanted people by the Police in Bogotá

Recently, the Bogota Metropolitan Police unveiled the cartel of the most wanted people in the capital.

(Read: Mayor’s Office will restrict grilling in Bogotá in these three days).

In the report there are individuals linked to crimes such as homicide, theft and others. For them, a reward of up to 20 million pesos to find his whereabouts.

These are the men who appear on the poster:


– Edwin Alfredo Lopez Casteblanco

– Alfredo Miguel Vivanco Hernández, alias Gordo (Update: he has already been captured)

– Anderson Torres Jimenez, alias Anderson

– Manuel Alejandro Garcia Mendoza

– Yeimis Vicente Garcia Ortega

-Johel Arrieta Siolo

Most wanted for homicide

Bogota City Hall

If you have information about any of these subjects, you can contact the secure line 3057680745 or email [email protected]


-Edwin Alejandro Cardenas Camelo

– Luis Javier Urbano Duran

– Andres Camilo Millan Velasco, Alis Millan

– William Eduardo Forero Ussa

– Faber Edwin Preciado Totena

– Rafael Enrique Leclerq Mora, alias Monpi

– Cristian Yesid Bernal, alias Salchi (He was already captured)

– Yerinson José Salazar Ortiz, aka Jerry

– Javier Eduardo Cuesta Torres

– David Samuel Vielma Suarez, alias Chinga

– Anthony Michael Bracamonte Carias, aka Carias

(What’s more: Bogotá will have 1,485 electric buses by the end of 2022).

Most wanted for theft

Most wanted for theft

Bogota City Hall

If you have information on any, you can contact the secure line 3058177868 or email [email protected]

This is one of the advances that the Mayor’s Office has made as a security strategy after the attack on the CAI of Arborizada Alta. Added to this is the provision of 120 intelligence men to get quick shots.

Also, an increase in the reward of up to 5,000 million pesos for information on alias ‘Jhon Mechas’, a member of the FARC dissidents, and allegedly responsible for the attack.

(Keep reading: The action plan to strengthen security in Bogotá).

In turn, the provision of more Police and Army checkpoints in Bogotá. and a reinforcement of 1,000 provisional uniformed. Along with this, 20 checkpoints will be installed in the main road corridors of Bogotá.

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