In just one month, an official received G. 66 million in travel expenses

In just one month, an official received G. 66 million in travel expenses

According to data from the payroll of Treasury officials, Julio César Echagüe Martínez, general director of State Ceremonial, received, only in the month of February, the sum of G. 66 million in travel expenses and tickets. Only with travel expenses, the official’s salary far exceeded the G. 37.9 million received by Mario Abdo Benítez, President of the Republic, also in the month of February.

In contact with our media, Echagüe Martínez gave us details about the reasons for the high salary. He pointed out that in February he had three almost consecutive trips. In them, his mission was to go forward with the presidential escort regiment to see the details and previous meetings with his colleagues from Chile. In the meetings the program, meetings, entertainment and other details are established.

“Those three trips I have returned what corresponds by law. Attaching all the invoices to which I had the expenses incurred in the three countries. Hotels, food and transportation,” he commented. (See supporting infographic).

In total, the senior official received the sum of G. 66 million for travel and returned G. 23 million, totaling the sum of G. 43 million according to his own data.
On the Treasury website, it appears that he also received G. 15.5 million as salary. In representation expenses; G. 2.9 million and other personnel expenses for G. 6.5 million. These numbers only in the month of February.

When asked why on his first trip he did not carry out the procedures for what would be Abdo’s second visit in 15 days, he replied that, in the days following the first trip, the new ceremonial team of the Chilean president had just joined had just assumed.

“We were supposed to meet with the new team. The outgoing could not make determinations,” he noted.

Echagüe has been in public office for 32 years, 27 in the Senate and the last four in the presidency. In August 2018, at the request of Mario Abdo Benítez, President of the Republic, he is commissioned by the Senate to serve as president.

“The commissioning is renewed every year. I have been the ceremonial general director since 2013. Before, I was in the same position when the management had a lower rank, ”he explained.

The ceremonial address practically began with Echagüe.

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