Duartiano Institute affirms that in the process of regularization of foreigners there were forgeries

Duartiano Institute affirms that in the process of regularization of foreigners there were forgeries

The president of the Duartiano Institute, Wilson Gómez, pointed out that the sentence 168-13 that defines Dominicanity still maintains its force. However, he pointed out that “there is no doubt” that the government at that time, headed by Danilo Medina, did not know how to capitalize on that decision of the Constitutional Court (TC) “to put things as it should and entered a weakness.”

“Inadmissible tolerances were made and the same process of regularization was full of falsifications, fraud, lies, and many people have benefited, that is why there is a review process, “said the president of the Duartiano Institute, regarding the government’s measures in the face of the Haitian crisis, including those to review the National Regularization Plan.

Gómez said that the number of counterfeits “is very high and that is the trend.” “With the law that was created, in a way documented counterfeiting was legitimized. Look, you know the struggle that the Dominican has to resolve a problem that has to do with his identity … not the Haitian ”, criticized Gómez.

He observed that other foreigners do not do as well as Haitians because there is a procedure that even contemplates that a Dominican has to be a guarantor and be responsible for a foreigner who is not from Haiti, but from another nation, he said during his participation in the program Reviews, with journalists Rafael Núñez and Adelaida Martínez R., on Saturdays at 9:00 pm on Entelevisión.

“There has really been discrimination with other foreigners benefiting Haitians, and yet we still have the pressure. That sentence tried to do what was done before, the governments did not do what they had to do to apply some resolutions, that is why the TC was forced to adopt that sentence, which will always be a reference in what has to do with nationality and the civil registry ”, stated Gómez.

He said that President Luis Abinader has been correct: “What I hope is that it will not be permeated by populism and lower its guard, it has to continue with the border project, it must be developed, that wall … you cannot to renounce it, we must continue to be respected by international organizations and take advantage of the forums to establish the position of the Dominican Republic, ”Gómez advised the Dominican president.

When asked what the Dominican Republic should do in the face of the current crisis in Haiti, Wilson Gómez pointed out that the country should continue to demand its intervention from the international community.

Regarding information that shows that the Dominican Republic is deporting Haitian women in labor (who are in labor or have just given birth), Wilson Gómez regretted that “there are still bad Dominicans who promote false information.”

He pointed out that information was misrepresented and was perhaps capitalized on by a reckless action of arresting a person who was in the vicinity of a hospital, not within the hospital center: “But that does not matter, the country has to enforce its own law.”

He explained that the problem, in the case of pregnant women, is that they did not get pregnant while living here following a medical care process, but rather that a corridor was created to bring significant numbers of pregnant women from Haiti.

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