Discussion of labor reform will begin between Government and FUT

Dialogues with various social and political sectors would last at least four months. The basis of the Executive’s proposal is the Law Creating Opportunities.

This March 16, 2022, during a conversation with the media, representatives of the government by Guillermo Lasso announced that the discussion or socialization about the labour reform It will start on March 17, 2022.

At 11:00, at the Carondelet Palace, a first meeting will be held with leaders of the United Workers’ Front (soccer). Then the dialogues will continue with other sectors such as youth

There are no deadlines to finish this socialization phase and send the bill to the Assembly. However, the process is expected to take no less than four months.

The presidential adviser, Diego Ordóñez, explained that the dialogues are based on the reforms included in the Law Creating Opportunities of the governmentwhich the Assembly returned to the Executive on September 29, 2021.

The government ensures that the errors and distortions of the original text were corrected and that it is fully open to accept proposals from all sectors, which includes considering topics of the project presented by the trade union sectors in October 2021.

The central idea is to establish a system parallel to the Work code current for make the conditions for new hires more flexible.

“Now him Work code it is very stiff. The working day will not be extended, but it is evident that mechanisms that are better adapted to each sector of the economy are required; for example, a restaurant has more work on a Friday than on a Monday”, explained Ordóñez.

Among the corrections to the original text, Francisco Briones, Undersecretary General of the Cabinet, explained that improvements were included on sanction mechanisms and monitoring of bad employer practices.

For his part, the Minister of JobPatricio Donoso pointed out that there are also articles on teleworking and disconnection mechanisms. Likewise, he stressed that there is no plan to extend the 40 hours of weekly work.

Plan b is the popular consultation

Although from the government it ensures that everything possible will be done so that the initiative has broad consensus and is approved in the Assembly, in case that does not happen, plan b is already in sight.

If the mechanisms of dialogueif there is no possibility of reaching an understanding, then we will have to go to the unemployed so that they can tell us, through a referendumif they want that Law to come into force”, considered Ordóñez.

That process of consultation It also has complexities and it is not certain that it can be included in the sectional election process during 2023.

Along with the discussion of labour reformthe government He also announced that work is being done on the formation of a technical commission, which will be in charge of analyzing the social security reform.

Representatives of affiliates, retirees and people who do not have social security will participate in this commission. The analysis work will last about six months. (JS)

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