Two accused of the crime of Juan Fígoli, the medical student murdered in 2018

Justice charged this Wednesday to two men for the murder of Juan Fígolithe medical student who was murdered in October 2018. They will serve 180 days in prisonwhile the investigation continues, reported the prosecutor’s spokesman, Javier Benech.

The case remained no news until this Tuesday, when the men were arrested, at the request of prosecutor Mirta Morales. The victim had 26 years when at dawn on Sunday, October 30, he left a dance hall and was approached by two men, who stabbed him in the sand on Ramírez beach.

The mobile that the investigators handled from the beginning was a robbery attempt.

Fígoli – a native of San Carlos, Maldonado – had gone out that night with friends, who were inside the dance hall when the events occurred. The young man told them that he was going out for air, but he never came back. His body appeared at dawn. A few steps away, there was a knife.

Around 6:30 a.m. that Sunday, the police received a call indicating that a young man was lying on the sand with profuse bleeding. The prefecture of Trouville showed up at the scene together with a mobile emergency that found that the man was still alive but unconscious. He was transferred to the Maciel Hospital, where died product of the stab wounds he had at chest height.

Prosecutor Morales – who a few days ago had taken over as Montevideo’s second Homicide Prosecutor – was unable at that time to move forward to identify presumed homicides, because the accounts of the witnesses were not revealing and because the security cameras did not provide information. Morales said on several occasions that the cameras have specific functions – to control traffic or the security of the bowling alleys – and that is why they have not served to record who killed Fígoli, or even what the murderer was wearing.

The investigation did not advance for months, on several occasions there were demonstrations by relatives and friends, demanding justice. Now, the prosecution must gather elements that confirm the participation of these two men in the event, pending the judgment.

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