Diomedes Díaz: the song of the “Cacique” with a hidden message that nobody knew

Vallenato singer Diomedes Díaz was one of the great legends in the history of this musical genre. The ‘cacique de la junta’ became popular not only because of his ostentatious life, but also because of the authenticity in his songs, something that stood out not only in Colombia but in the world.

And it is that his songs were so hit, that despite the time they are still very listened to by many of his fans who still mourn their loss that occurred 10 years ago.

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Likewise, there were several successes that remained in the ears of the people, but what they do not know is that many of these hide really moving messages. One of them is the song ‘Christmas message’which was composed with very emotional lyrics and that can move the fibers of many people at that time of year.

However, it was found that this song came from a composer also well-known in Vallenato music named Rosendo Romero Ospino, who, through his experience, showed what it was like to spend Christmas alone, without having the company of his family, much less a loved one.

At that moment, Rosendo felt completely alone and was invaded by depression, something that led him to turn his sadness into a song that over time was performed by Diomedes Díaz.

And it is that the intention of this man was to send Christmas cards to his friends and family, but this never happened. Otherwise, he was inspired and dedicated himself to writing song lyrics.

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Later, he also remembered his uncle Luis Ramón Ospino Ocampo, who was a farmer who stood out for his work with the land, and that, like him, he did not have the opportunity to share a Christmas or Christmas Eve with his family.

This song was liked by many people, and it was so commemorative, that even on the day his wake was given, the fans sang it with great sadness, taking into account that Diomedes died on December 22, 2013, just two days before Christmas.

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