Difficult to get information on missing German sisters

Difficult to get information on missing German sisters

Prosecutor Karina Sánchez spoke about the irregular entry of the German sisters into our country, since they did not have the full permission of their parents.

In this sense, the father of one of the girls arbitrarily brought his daughters to Paraguay in November using as an excuse a vacation permit given by the mother but to go to England.

Sánchez pointed out that it is still believed that the girls are in our country, unfortunately once it was possible to locate the place where they lived, they were no longer there. At the same time, the group of people close to the case would be from an anti-vaccine group that came from Germany and therefore it is very difficult to get information, since people who might know something refuse to collaborate with information.

The mother of the sisters has been in the country since February looking for her daughters, and so far she has not given many details about her relationship with the father who would have brought them to Paraguay. This would have an arrest warrant from Interpol.

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