More than 5,900 students are trained in drug and gang prevention

Some 5,919 students from 107 educational establishments have been trained by the National Police, through the Police Service for Children and Adolescents, this from March when the school period began to May 2022.

Of this total, 4,213 students have participated in the Gang Resistance Education and Training (GREAT) program. Meanwhile, 1,706 students received training in Preventive Education Against Drug Use (DARE)

Major Sariabeth Rodríguez, from the Police Service for Children and Adolescents, stressed that prevention is strengthened with these trainings, providing children and adolescents with the tools to make appropriate decisions, set goals and reinforce values.

Rodríguez added that schools interested in receiving the training can contact 511-9230 and 511-9228, where the information is provided.

In addition to these programs focused on the prevention of drug use and gangs, the National Police implements other initiatives such as Niño y Niña Seguros, Jovenes Contra El Delito (JOCODE), GREAT Familia, among others.

This work continues in all schools nationwide, adding more students and working hand in hand with teachers and parents.

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