Pedro Castillo: "A political persecution has been unleashed against me"

Pedro Castillo: “A political persecution has been unleashed against me”

During his speech at the XIV Decentralized Council of Ministers in Iquitos, President He assured that there is political persecution against him and that they seek to “hinder” his work.

“Today a political persecution has been unleashed against me and other ministries, and the rest of the presidents? The other ministers? Were they healthy? Are Peru’s problems just born in this government? ”, He pointed out.

Castillo lamented that he had to remove the former Minister of Labor and Employment Promotion, Betssy Chávez, from her post. “I would not like Peru to see that some ministers or technical teams, due to petty situations of groups that do not want to serve the country, have to take the authority to say thank you and change some ministers,” she mentioned.

He also questioned the diligence carried out by the First Corporate Anti-Corruption Prosecutor’s Office, in charge of the prosecutor Rosario Isabel Quico Palomino, who entered the Government Palace this afternoon in search of information on the hiring of personnel.

“A few hours ago, I had to answer to the staff that is in the Government Palace, where the prosecutor’s office has just been again, hindering the work and denigrating (my image),” he said at the regional conclave. “I have not stolen a penny,” protested the president.


From Junín in the Wanka Coliseum, the IV Decentralized Council of Ministers is held with the presence of President PEDRO CASTILLO.

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