Diasniurka Salcedo

Diasniurka Salcedo: “They are putting me in prison for thinking differently”

MIAMI, United States. – The Cuban activist Diasniurka Salcedo was arrested by agents of the National Revolutionary Police (PNR) this Thursday, as can be seen in a live broadcast via Facebook from inside a police patrol.

“Cubana is kidnapped by police officers and transmits from the patrol. The activist Diasniurka Salcedo has just been kidnapped by henchmen of the Ministry of the Interior (MININT) at the service of the Cuban regime and taken to an unknown whereabouts”, denounced the Technology Bulletin profile on Twitter.

“Diasniurka Salcedo broadcast from inside a Cuban police patrol and he can be heard saying that he hates the dictatorship. After this video, communication with her was lost, ”added that profile.

A few hours later, Salcedo reported on his Facebook profile who was on his way home. “Everything is fine in the bad time, the important thing [es que] We are alive and God with me and my family, nothing is more important than the family, thanks to those who cared and occupied, “he wrote.

In September 2020, Salcedo was also arrested on public roads by PNR agents when she was about to deliver some medicines and receive others, destined for families in need.

As narrated, the arrest was violent. A woman dressed in a PNR uniform and two men dressed in civilian clothes handcuffed her and pushed her inside patrol 7022 of the Operative Guard; she also took her cell phone and her wallet.

They did not explain the reason for the arrest, they did not present an arrest warrant, nor did they read him his rights.

In the Alquízar police unit, two female officers ordered him to undress; When she refused, they beat her, forcing her to do so and even squatting to make sure that she had nothing hidden in her genitals.

Later, she was interrogated and threatened by a State Security (SE) officer.

Salcedo is a promoter of the community project “Casa a Casa”, through which donations of food and medicine are delivered to needy people in the province. To that end, she also created the Facebook group called “Las Marianas del Presente.”

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