Rodolfo Hernández confesses that he overpays his collaborators

Rodolfo Hernández confesses that he overpays his collaborators

presidential candidate Rodolfo Hernandez, He is widely recognized for being a successful businessman. At 77 years old, accumulates a fortune that exceeds 100 million dollars, for businesses related to construction.

Rodolfo Hernández achieved popularity by showing himself as a non-traditional politician, who fights against corruption and offers an “intervention of public spending to generate cash and direct it to different social programs.”

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However, the resources it directs towards the payment of its employees are also noteworthy.

In the middle of an interview with national media, Hernández confessed that he pays his collaborators “more than other businessmen.”

Those who perform work for which they generally pay a minimum, the candidate pays them $1,600,000, which, per year in social benefits, is equivalent to more than $6,000 million.

“That’s worth a lot because they are at least 500 employees and 500 times 600,000 are 300 million pesos more per month. Add what affects benefits, which are like 500 million pesos more. And if you multiply it by 12 (months), it’s 6,000 million, which is worth that joke,” Hernández said.

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Also, the candidate for League of Anti-Corruption Rulers He stressed that his own workers are the ones who guarantee the money with their performance, efficiency and productivity.

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