Third version of the Rally Data on the Street: initiative that controls the state of public works leaves more than 700 registered and five winners

During the month of May, a new edition of the “Rally Data on the Street” was developed, an initiative that deals with the challenge of social control related to the use of open data and field inspection of public works.

Instance promoted from civil society, hand in hand with the Observatory of Fiscal Expenditure, in conjunction with the Ministry of Public Works, the Comptroller General of the Republic and the Chilean Chamber of Construction.

There were more than 700 registered and 53 finalists of the “Rally”, where it was possible to review more than 370 works, of which five of them were chosen as the winners. First place went to Gonzalo Picón, who visited more than 20 works.

Regarding the third version of this initiative, the executive director of the Fiscal Observatory, Orlando Rojas, stated that “the results of this initiative show that it is possible for citizens to exercise control over the use of public resources, the only thing that remains to be done is to bring the State with the people from concrete alliances with civil society and the private world. We are facing a new paradigm of the Open State”.

The vice president of the Chilean Chamber of Construction, Carlos Zeppelin, valued the initiative, remarking that it is good “that spaces are opened” for citizens.

“It seems good to us that spaces are opened so that citizens can participate in the exploration of data and its review, since it provides transparency and helps in this control of the development of projects and the different public works,” he said.

“This type of activity demonstrates once again that cooperation between the public and private sectors and civil society allows us to help improve the quality of life of communities,” he concluded.

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