DGI returned US$ 110 million for IRPF and IASS campaign

IRPF-IASS taxpayers for the year 2021 were 662,863. Most of them were not required to submit their affidavit.

Until now, 318,704 taxpayers have filed their returns.

Meanwhile, there were 437,798 taxpayers who collected refunds, whether automatic or from the presentation of the declarationY for a total amount of $4,518 million (about US$110 million at current values).

81% of IRPF taxpayers and 69% of IASS taxpayers filed their returns through online services.

And more than 10,000 users installed the DGI app, which allows them to submit the personal income tax affidavit, consult returns, access tax information and receive personalized communications, among other services.

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