Capacitan a funcionarios de la Dgcim en cibercriminalidad e informática forense

DGCIM officials are trained in cybercrime and computer forensics

A total of 20 officials from the General Directorate of Military Intelligence (DGCIM) of the Ministry of Popular Power for Defense received induction on cybercrime and computer forensics.

The training was carried out as part of the training activities carried out by the Vice Ministry of the Integrated Criminal Investigation System (Visiip), to strengthen the operational skills of public servants.

The training was in charge of the general director of the Visiip Criminal Investigation Information System, C/G Jenny Vallenilla, and Eng. Juan Bautista, who addressed issues related to Information and Communication Technologies (ICT), intelligence artificial, computer forensics, digital evidence, robotics, digital identity, Unique Manual of Evidence Chain of Custody and cybercrime.

With this training, the Ministry of Popular Power for Interior Relations, Justice and Peace, contributes to the academic optimization of investigative techniques to deal with this type of cybercrime in the national territory; as well as compliance with the provisions of Vertex 11 of the Great Peace Quadrants Mission, which refers to scientific and technological innovation based on citizen security.

Source: Mpprijp


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