Torkuatos, Jireh Johnson, Lu Antelo and ‘Lo nuevo’ bring alternative music

Torkuatos, Jireh Johnson, Lu Antelo and 'Lo nuevo' bring alternative music

May 26, 2023, 4:15 PM

May 26, 2023, 4:15 PM

He sound of Torkuatos it was evolving and that can be heard in his recent studio album Deep sleep. The indie rock band from Santa Cruz presented its second record work with deep lyrics and harmonious rhythm.

The quintet made up of: Raúl Álvarez (guitar), Akira Ishu (bass and vocals), Mauricio Ordoñez (drums), Matías Galarza (keyboard and vocals) and Pancho Ishu (guitar and vocals), will promote your material in the capital of Santa Cruz and throughout the country. His next presentation will be on June 3 in Cochabamba.

The songs, which are characterized by a soft yet powerful style, are typical of the alternative music scene. All were worked by the producer Matías Berdiales. The setlist begins with the song that gives the album its name: Deep sleepA very interesting mix of styles.

“I hope that after hearing the album, somehow, people feel feel hopeful. We want the musical pieces to connect with the public regardless of age or tastes”, said Pancho Ishu.

the cruceña band Torkuatos, who was born in 2014has influences from different rhythms, such as indie, alternative and garage.

They started like any group of friends, playing at concert nights. Last year they performed at the Alternx Festival together with groups from the Santa Cruz scene.

The crossing scene
Jireh Johnson, Bolivian singer-songwriter and guitarist, is working on the creation of his first album Capital. The artist will perform this Friday, at 8:00 p.m., on the Tribe stage. He will be together with Sol Gómez and Belén Bowles, in the musical show Acoustic Concert.

In 2018, the musician was selected as emerging artist for the concert series Intimate Eardrum Sessions, organized by the Simón I. Patiño Cultural Center. In 2021 he presented his first record material, along with Oliver Hoss, and in 2022 he released his single Simp, which becomes his first hit; it reached more than 100 thousand views on Spotify and reached the No. 1 position of most viral songs on Spotify Bolivia.

The figure of the Bolivian singer-songwriter Lu Antelo also stands out on the list, who in 2020 performed in Argentina with songs of her own, within the framework of the Cosquin Rock, In cordoba. On that occasion she was the guest artist of the Bolivian funk band Fiesta Cuetillo. In 2021 he debuted on streaming platforms with his single Marcela, followed by his next work: Sudoku.

He is currently working on his third single, aquatic citywhich will be published together with a video clip.

Emerging musical bands also have their space: the What’s New Festival, that takes place in Meraki, year after year. The next vFriday June 9 and Saturday June 10, from 20:00, you can listen to new proposals on the scene. On the first night there will be the bands: Jokers, Keplers, Storm, The boom, Bang Jam, Última hora and Ximena Soraire. While, Chuflay, Delirium, Kardia, Crazy Apple, Red Lips and King of color will be presented the second.

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