Juana Bacallao, the queen of cabarets in Cuba, turns 98

MIAMI, United States. — On May 26, 1925, Juana Bacallao was born in Key West, Havana, Cuba, one of the longest-lived and most picturesque figures on the Cuban artistic scene.

Its discoverer, the teacher Obdulio Morales, named it the artist show womanwhile others called her “The black goddess” of Cuban cabarets.

Juana Bacallao began her career in the 1940s and gained fame during the 1950s and 1960s. Her performances drew attention from the start for her energetic singing and dancing, combined with humor and wit.

In his way of interpreting, Bacallao combines song lyrics with burlesque or tragic texts, bombastic gestures and extravagant costumes. She is considered a unique artist in her style and has marked a milestone in the history of Cuban cabaret, from the fifties of the last century to the present.

He became a beloved figure in Cuban entertainment, often performing in Havana cabarets and nightclubs. Bacallao’s style incorporated elements of Afro-Cuban music, traditional Cuban son, and popular dance genres such as cha-cha-chá and mambo.

Throughout his career, he performed alongside personalities such as Nat King Cole, Bola de Nieve, Celeste Mendoza, Ninon Sevilla, Cantinflas, Rosita Fornés, Omara Portuondo, Rafaela Carrá, Benny Moré, Chano Pozo and Elena Burque.

“Today is the birthday of this unique, unrepeatable, irreplaceable comedian. I worked with her for many years in Cuba, at the Capri cabaret, and later on tours through the provinces, especially in Pinar del Río. It was so much fun watching her on stage, talking to her, traveling with her, or sitting down to dinner or coffee with her. A total comedian. All the time. I have rarely laughed and I will laugh again as with Juana Bacallao, ”she wrote in social networks Cuban comedian Alexis Valdés.

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