Diputada resalta empuje de la mujer en comercio de Boca Chica

Deputy highlights push of women in Boca Chica trade

In the month of mothers, Deputy Dulce Quiñónez highlights that they are the fundamental axis that drives the economy in Boca Chica

Santo Domingo East.- By commemorating the Mother’s daythe deputy of Modern Revolutionary Party Sweet Quinonezhighlighted that Dominican women are the fundamental axis that drive the development and economy of Small Bowl in a ceremony dedicated to them.

She said that in this tourist area, women carry out all kinds of activities, they sell fish, fix hair, serve tables, reliability jobs, medical services, as a way to make tourists feel good and allow them to return to the country.

He explained that they do a great job to generate resources and get their families ahead with their work.

Deputy Dulce Quiñónez talks with some women

He pointed out that he needs the work of all the women in the community to make a good government of change as promised by the president Louis Abinader.

He noted that mothers are important in emotional and economic stability.

“Mother’s Day is something that cannot be described, the mother is everything, they form us, they take us by the hand along the way forward,” he said.

She indicated that she will continue working for the mothers of this municipality since they are tireless working women.

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She said it is an activity for the women who walked by her side, and helped her get to where she is as a representative of her community in Congress.

In the activity, he delivered hundreds of electrical appliances in his traditional meeting on the occasion of Mother’s Day to the team of coordinators.

Among the raffled appliances are; fans, blenders, irons, electric pots, microwaves, set of dishes, among others.

Deputy highlights push of women in Boca Chica trade
Deputy Dulce Quiñónez hugs a woman

At the celebration, a talk on the prevention of domestic violence was also given, by the expert lawyer in family matters, Evilyn Pineda.

The specialist explained which elements of violence have repercussions in homes in order to guide mothers on how to identify and prevent it with the conference “Woman you are a Pearl, how violence has repercussions in the social sphere.

The mothers came from the municipality of Boca Chica, Andrés Bocha Chica, Inviivienda, Villa Carme, Guerra, San Luis, Invimosa, La Caleta, El Valiente, among other locations.

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