Deputies start with the debate on the Expenditure Budget of the Federation for 2022

Deputies start with the debate on the Expenditure Budget of the Federation for 2022

With the request of the opposition leaders to open the debate and thus generate new agreements, the Plenary of the Chamber of Deputies This Wednesday the analysis of the Opinion with the Draft Decree of the Federation Expenditure Budget for Fiscal Year 2022 (PEF), whose total planned expenditure amounts to 7 billion 88,250 million 300,000 pesos.

In substantiating the opinion, the deputy Erasmo González Robledo (Brunette), president of the Budget and Public Account Committee, stated that the total net expenditure contemplated in the opinion of the Federation Expenditure Budget For fiscal year 2022, it represents an increase in real terms of 8.6 percent compared to what was approved in 2021.

While indicating that the budget is presented in a context in which the impact and evolution of the Covid-19 pandemic, which has had a specific impact on economic sectors and population groups that has been decisive in the recovery of economic activity.

The Morenoist legislator explained that said project has three basic actions: strengthen social welfare support for the most vulnerable groups, support investment projects that trigger the country’s regional development, and maintain the stability of public finances.

In this context, he added that the increase in resources to the health sector has become more important, since the pandemic, which is why more resources are established for the acquisition of vaccines against Covid-19, for the care of medical personnel, the improvement of hospital institutions and greater free health care for non-beneficiaries.

The deputy stated that the Federalized Spending presents an increase of 4.7% in real terms to reach a historical maximum of two thousand 108.9 billion pesos. In addition, an investment expense of 982,287 million pesos is foreseen, which implies 14.7% more resources compared to the previous year.

Likewise, increases are contemplated to fundamental programs such as: pension for the elderly, pension for people with disabilities and actions to expand the scope of IMSS-Bienestar.

Va por México asks that its alternative budget proposal be taken into account

During the beginning of the discussion of the PEF 2022, leaders of the Parliamentary groups of the PAN, PRI, and PRD, demanded the “ruling party” to listen to the proposals made by the coalition from the opposition Goes Through Mexico.

Deputy Luis E. Cházaro, coordinator of the PRD in San Lázaro, he considered that with this opinion, the only thing that the Ministry of Finance did was to adapt the resources to the whims of a single man, so his party will seek to present proposals so that there are more resources for women, for stays children, for the shelters of violated women and “hopefully it will be heard by Morena and her allies, and we can work in consensus so that there are more and better resources for women.”

The PRD recalled that together with him BREAD and PRI a proposal was presented for alternative budget that, he said, should be discussed along with the Budget that is voted yesterday in the Budget and Public Account Committee.

“Therefore, the Va Por México coalition proposes and will propose the corresponding reservations and we want a debate with the nation, we want the nation to find out what each of us is proposing. We have presented with great responsibility this budget that we ask you to discuss, which does not take away the social programs but maintains the resources and the only thing we ask is that there be clear operating rules ”, he stressed.

Meanwhile, the coordinator of the parliamentary group of the Institutional Revolutionary Party in the Chamber of Deputies, Ruben Moreira Valdez, stressed that the proposal of the Coalition Goes for Mexico seeks to eliminate centralism and a short-term vision.

“The false perception has been created that the money that is distributed is generated by the federal government, however, it is the federation that lives off the money of the states and municipalities, and crumbs are returned to them.

“This limited vision, coupled with bad budget policy, is giving rise to several problems,” he said.

For this reason, he added, it is proposed to reduce the budget of projects that “can wait until later, that are not urgent and that do not represent the needs or expectations of Mexicans.”

Likewise, he warned that the coalition will fight to allocate almost 60,000 million pesos exclusively to the most affected sectors of the country.

Deputy Jorge Romero Herrera (PAN), asserted that the members of Goes through Mexico They are not against the entire budget, however, he stressed that at least 2.6% of the resources can be reallocated according to the alternative project they presented.

“We ask, hopefully, they can even listen to it… what today we are proposing is an economic reactivation, a better social assistance package and, above all, that we understand that in this country there is not only one federal government, there are 32 governments of entities state and almost 2,500 municipalities and the money must be for all governments to exercise ”, he stressed.

The PAN also considered that before a refinery, rather than a train, money should be reallocated for a temporary employment program, for an employment promotion program, for unemployment insurance and, mainly to support micro-small and medium businesses.

“That’s why it must be said – a pity of time – people should know: if there is money, if there are public resources, the problem is the wrong priorities that are dictated from the National Palace,” he added.

For her part, Deputy Mirza Flores Gómez (MC) argued that one of the greatest attributions and powers granted by the Constitution to federal deputies is to designate, assign, study, propose, debate and vote on the PEF and “we are not going to give in.” He pointed out that there will be healthy and constructive discussion and debate in favor of Mexicans.

Too Citizen Movement, deputy Solomon Chertorivski Woldenberg He indicated that “we are witnessing an anti-parliamentary process that is going to set one of the most grotesque and anti-democratic precedents of which this Congress has memory.” He emphasized: “I would like to explain the corrections to an expenditure that disdained education, attacks democratic institutions and is committed to crude militarization and fossil fuels.”

Meanwhile, the deputy Juan Luis Carrillo Soberanis (PVEM) pointed out that the budget for 2022 is balanced and promotes the economic recovery of the country through the creation of more decent and productive jobs that strengthens the welfare state. “We support this budget because through it we seek to adequately meet the needs of the people.”

While the deputy Reginaldo Sandoval Flores (PT) affirmed that this budget goes in the direction of the National Development Plan of the Fourth Transformation, first of all social welfare; second, energy sovereignty and, third, security. He explained that it is a budget of and for Mexicans of 7 billion 88,250 million pesos, of which the programmable expenditure is 74% and the non-programmable 26 percent.

He specified that we are going to dedicate the figure of 3 billion 403,627 million to the priority of the mandate of July 1. We are going to dedicate one billion 577,050 million pesos to economic development. He emphasized that the government is one of republican austerity, “we are only going to spend 438.799 million pesos in the government.”


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