Daniel Ortega launches his most virulent hate speech against political prisoners

UN General Secretariat avoids condemning the electoral farce

The General Secretariat of the United Nations (UN) avoided ruling on the results of the electoral process in Nicaragua, in which President Daniel Ortega, with his rivals imprisoned or exiled, obtained 75% of the votes in a questioned vote.

Stéphane Dujarric, spokesman for Secretary General Antonio Guterres, assured that this office cannot determine whether the elections were they legitimate or not, but they have taken note of the concerns expressed.

We have seen the results of the elections. We have taken note of the various views expressed, including the concerns of a number of Member States and stakeholders.said the spokesperson.

More than 40 countries in America and Europe have unknown the results of the elections in Nicaragua, considering that they did not comply with democratic standards.

Despite the insistence of journalists, Dujarric refused to refer directly to the elections of November 7, where according to the independent observatory Urnas Abiertas there was a 81% abstentionism. 81%.

It is not for us to say whether they were legitimate or illegitimate. We will let Member States express their own opinions. We will encourage the Government (of Nicaragua) to allow the entry into the country of personnel from the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights to help Nicaragua abide by and fulfill its international commitments, he justified.

Political prisoners

The journalists questioned him about the rhetoric used by Ortega, a day after the elections, in which he called sons of bitches of Yankee imperialism, to the political prisoners that he keeps in his jails. The spokesperson replied that they will continue to observe the situation, to see if this could mean further persecution against those who oppose the regime.

Dujarric stressed that “andhe Secretary General remains deeply concerned about the arbitrary arrests of a number of presidential candidates, social leaders, human rights defenders, businessmen, journalists”.

These arrests were made in conditions that do not comply with international human rights norms and standards.added the spokesperson.

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