La Policía intenta controlar incidentes en la Penitenciaría

One dead and two days of shootings at the Penitentiary

Between Tuesday 9 and Wednesday 10 November 2021 there are clashes and shootings that have not been controlled in the ‘Litoral Penitentiary’.

“We activate security protocols in coordination with the Police (through elite groups UMO GOE GIR), to control new incidents caused by prisoners of liberty who are members of criminal groups, in the N-1 Guayas prison ”. That was the statement from the Service for Persons Deprived of Liberty (SNAI), on the afternoon of this November 10, 2021.

The statement is issued on the second day of clashes in jail, better known as the ‘Litoral Penitentiary‘, where, on September 28, 2021, 119 people were killed during a riot.

New fatality

On November 9, 2021, an inmate died inside the ‘Penitentiary‘as a result of the clashes between pavilions. Still, the control has not come. (AVV)


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