Delfina Gómez in Tultitlán: change is unstoppable in EdoMéx;  asks militants to join efforts

Delfina Gómez in Tultitlán: change is unstoppable in EdoMéx; asks militants to join efforts

TULTITLÁN, State of Mexico.- The teacher Delfina Gómez Álvarez, MORENA’s sole pre-candidate for the governorship of the State of Mexico, called on militants and supporters of Tultitlán to add hope, ideals and effort “because change is unstoppable in Edomex ”.

“We are moved by hope and the desire for change, for real justice. That is why I feel so proud to belong to MORENA because we are indeed different, because we do think that we are a team, a community in which we want to do well,” said teacher Delfina Gómez during her visit to Colonia San Mateo Cuautepec and the municipal esplanade of Tultitlán.

Morenistas from the municipality showed their support for the teacher Delfina Gómez with colored posters on which they wrote phrases such as “Delfina, pride of MORENA”, to which the only pre-candidate replied: “They should be cardboard makers! Thank you for your messages and for being so generous.

Between hugs, applause and selfies, the teacher Delfina Gómez reached the podium and from there stated that all the militants and supporters of MORENA, the Green Party and the Labor Party, united and organized, “we are going to achieve the goal that we so long for, to what every human being wants: to have a fairer life”.

Faced with the requests collected by the militancy for greater security, better streets and other needs of the people of Tultitlán, the only pre-candidate shared her concerns because for almost 100 years indifference and abandonment have been constant.

“The indifference is not only towards Tultitlán, it is towards the entire territory. Justice is needed for our peasants, but also for our youth; for our women because, like you, as a citizen I am concerned about gender violence, the loss of a life, a young girl, a woman in a family because in these cases the family also dies while they are alive,” said teacher Delfina Gómez .

He pointed out that, for this reason, “we have to reincorporate ourselves as a society, rebuild the social fabric and work on it, but that will only be possible when human beings really understand that if one thing goes wrong, the other goes wrong too.”

“I repeat, let’s join efforts, hopes and ideals. United, we will achieve what militants and supporters have longed for, which is a better quality of life,” concluded teacher Delfina Gómez.

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