Returns of Cubans and Haitians continue

After a busy weekend, when the Coast Guard deported 151 Cuban rafters, this Tuesday 375 Haitians were sent to the Bahamian authorities.

The United States and the Bahamas have an agreement for local authorities to handle deportations of Haitians intercepted at sea. In this group there were two Cubans who were picked up by the coast guard in Cayo Anguilla, Bahamas. It is highly possible that they will be sent to Cuba.

During fiscal year 2022, US authorities intercepted 7,175 Haitians. And so far this year, to 1,766.

The Cubans returned on Sunday were intercepted on Wednesday of last week. And those who returned on Saturday, Tuesday and Wednesday.

The United States has returned more than 1,200 rafters to Cuba since the beginning of 2023

“Attempting to land in the United States by sea may render individuals ineligible for employment opportunities. parole parole, and they will be repatriated to their country of origin or departure,” said Lt. Matt Miller, Coast Guard District Seven.

“Marine crews patrol all day, every day, to ensure that people return to their families alive,” the official emphasized, renewing the warnings in recent weeks, especially after the approval of the new policy of parole humanitarian law established by the Biden administration on January 5.

So far in fiscal year 2023, the authorities have already intercepted 5,183 Cuban rafters.

The previous year the figure rose to 6,182.

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