Del Castillo says that he will continue to present detainees, despite the fact that Lima questions this measure

This Saturday, the Minister of Government, Eduardo del Castillo assured that he will continue presenting people to the media that they be apprehended for committing a crime, despite the recommendation of the Minister of Justice, Iván Lima, to do so as long as there is an authorization signed by the accused.

Del Castillo assured that its determination is given by a theme of “transparency and commitment” with the people, who must know who the rapists, thieves and murderers are, so that they recognize them and denounce if there are more victims.

Also, Del Castillo criticized the organizations that defend Human Rights Human Rights and who criticize him for presenting the accused to the media, without first proving whether or not they are guilty of the crimes for which they are accused.

“I wonder where those human rights organizations were, when they were killing the Bolivian peoplewhere were they when they were raping girls and boys in Bolivia”, said the minister.

On Friday, Justice Minister Iván Lima indicated that only those detained for a crime should be presented cWhen they authorize it, because this establishes the Code of Criminal Procedure, which is in force in the country.

“The Code of Criminal Procedure states that any person who is going to be exhibited before the media must have a written statement signed by your attorney defender,” the authority told the media.

Lima indicated that even when the defendants have a final convictionmust have the signature of the defense attorney so that they can be exhibited before the media.

Given these statements, the journalists asked him about the presentations made by Minister Del Castillo and the National Commander of the Police, Jhonny Aguilera, to which the government authority replied: “HThere is an issue of shared responsibility. Urge the media to comply with the law, the record of the defendant’s lawyers “.

For his part, the Bolivian representative to the Organization of American States (OAS), Héctor Arce, supported the declarations of Minister Lima and said that he hopes that the dignity of all people is respected by avoiding presenting it to the media.

“The assessment of Minister Iván Lima is absolutely correct, in a State of Law, the innocence of the detainee is presumed only in extreme cases it can be presented to a person, hopefully this practice will be banished and human dignity will be respected, ”Arce wrote on his social networks.

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