These are the services and payments that you will no longer have at Baloto points

These are the services and payments that you will no longer have at Baloto points

The VIA network, a transactional ecosystem owned by IGT, lost its lottery concession in recent weeks. Therefore, there will be some changes and the services and payments that were made in the ballot points.

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These gambling points were a place to make your utility payments and bank transactions. For 22 yearsand expanded throughout the national territory.

With the loss of IGN’s concession for the lottery operation, on May 25 The VIA network stopped working.

During its history in Colombia, Baloto made transfers to health for more than $1.4 billion, and delivered more than $2.5 billion in prizes in all categories, which transformed the lives of more than 46 million people (of them, 111 families were fortunate to receive multi-million dollar prizes of more than $1.9 billion)”, explained IGT through a statement.

In the letter they explained that with his management it was possible to demonstrate that social gaps can be closed by taking the bank and more than 17,000 services to those who did not have access to them. Via was the first transactional ecosystem in the country that reached 98% of the population, they said.

“Since its creation, more than 2.7 trillion transactions have been carried out, for more than 82.6 trillion dollars. In financial services, more than 12 trillion dollars have been mobilized per year. Transfers for more than 1.9 billion dollars, more than 26 million mobile phone top-ups per year, more than 40,000 collection agreements for the payment of bills and the sale of more than one million lottery tickets per year also confirm the importance of this network for citizens,” they wrote.

Among the services that will no longer be provided are those linked to the agreement with Scotiabank Colpatria. The company assured that they will stop providing payment, collection and deposit services at these points.

They will also not be available Itau services, which reported that transactions can be made from the branch network channels, Itaú correspondents, the bank’s application and the web portal.

Also EPM withdrew, that from this week you will not receive any payment for your services through Baloto points. The energy marketers Afinia, Codensa and Air-e reported the same.

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Along with this, the Fintech Uala reported that they will no longer be able to make deposits or withdrawals from these branches.

Baloto was delivered, according to Coljuegos, to the firms Redcolsa Servicios SA and Grupo Empresarial en Línea SA , for a period of five years. The gaming operation is already up and running but without the VIA network transactional ecosystem created by IGT.


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