Decreases the theft gained in East Region

The president of the Nisibón Cattlemen’s Association (Agani), Manuel Eusebio Castillostated that the cattle rustling in the Eastern Region it has decreased, thanks to the support of the Ministry of the Interior and Police.

“In the agricultural sector we feel very grateful. We have found in the minister Jesus Vasquez a friend, a brother, an ally, someone who has given us a hand, someone who knows what it is like to have an animal stolen, someone who we call and answers the phone at all times,” he said.

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During a tour with the official through the XXXI Agricultural Fair of the Eastern Region, in the Otra Banda, Higüey, he said that his actions send a signal of how a public servant should be and asked God that his effort, his conditions be valued.

He announced that two motorcycles and a truck will be delivered to the municipal district barracks in the next few days. the other bandso that police officers have the necessary equipment.

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