Gallon of gasoline from 97 in more than S/ 21 in 10 districts: Where to find the best price?

Find out what the price of gasoline is at the taps in Lima and Callao and where to find the best prices

On Thursday, July 28, the Supervisory Agency for Investment in Energy and Mining () set the price bands for Liquefied Petroleum Gas intended for packaging (LPG-E), Liquefied Petroleum Gas intended for bulk (LPG-G), 84 octane Gasohol, 90 and 84 octane Gasolines.

That said, yesterday the Peruvian Agency for Consumers and Users (Opecu) warned that the oil companies Repsol and Petroperú would lower fuel prices by up to S/ 0.73 per gallon, including taxes, thus reducing gasoholes by up to S/ 0.73 per gallon , diesel B5 S-50, diesel 2 S-50 and diesel 2 S-50 S-50 at S/ 0.26 per gallon, while residual six and 500 at S/ 0.09 and S/ 0.05 per gallon, respectively.

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On the other hand, the prices of 84 octane gasohol, 84 and 90 octane gasoline, 2 S-50 UV diesel, B5 S-50 UV diesel (vehicular use), bottled LPG (LPG E) and bulk LPG (LPG G) did not change. that are included in the Fuel Price Stabilization Fund

Next, we detail the prices of gasoline, diesel, domestic gas and vehicular natural gas (NGV) today, Monday, August 15, 2022, according to data from the Facilito platform of the Supervisory Agency for Investment in Energy and Mining (Osinergmin). In addition, we show them where to find the lowest prices to buy fuel.

How much is gasoline today, Monday August 15 in Lima and Callao?

Facilito indicates that the price of a gallon of 84-octane gasoline fluctuates between S/ 15.85 and S/ 20 in the districts of the capital this Monday.

The lowest price was located at a tap in San Juan de Lurigancho, where said fuel reached S/ 15.85 per gallon. In contrast, the highest price of S/ 20 was registered in La Victoria.

As for 90-octane gasoline, the price per gallon varies between S/ 18.49 and S/ 23.99 at the different taps in the capital. The district where the highest prices were registered is Ate.

On the other hand, 95 octane gasoline has a price range that goes from S/ 19.56 in Comas to S/ 27.59 in San Isidro.

While 97 octane gasoline is between S/ 19.61 to S/ 28.59.

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What is the price of oil (diesel) today at the taps?

This Monday, the DB5 S-50 diesel (oil) is at S/ 15.99 to S/ 19.99 a gallon at the taps in the capital.

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How much does the gas balloon cost?

The 10-kilogram gas balloon registers prices ranging from S/ 40 to S/ 68 in the districts of the capital this Monday.

The lowest prices are recorded in stores located in districts such as San Juan Lurigancho, Ate and Los Olivos. While the highest rates are in Surquillo, San Miguel and Chorrillos.

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What is the price of vehicular natural gas (VNG)?

There are some taps in Ate where CNG is sold from S/ 1.37 per cubic meter. They are followed by districts such as Breña, San Miguel, Cercado de Lima and San Luis where the price varies between S/ 1.40 and S/ 1.43.

However, in other points of Lima the price of this fuel reaches S / 1.99 this Monday.

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The rise in prices of the products of the basic family basket has led the Executive Branch to announce an economic subsidy.

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