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Dairy trust will return almost US$ 4.5 million to dairy farmers

Dairy trust will return almost US$ 4.5 million to dairy farmers

The financial trust of the Fund for Financing and Sustainable Development of Dairy Activity (FFDSAL) will return US$ 4.44 million to 1,256 milk producerssome of which have already left the activity, announced this Friday the Ministry of Livestock, Agriculture and Fisheries (MGAP).

As explained, in August 2022 the FFDSAL financial trust was cancelled. Consequently, the Executive Branch extended the validity of the pecuniary benefit for up to 24 months, so that those producers who have not been able to cancel their debt have the possibility to do so in this period.

In this first return, to be carried out Wednesday December 14the collection from the collection efforts carried out by the FFDSAL will be distributed, in addition to the collection from the pecuniary benefit of those producers who maintain debts with the FFDSAL (corresponding to the months of September, October and November).

Said return is part of the provisions of the Executive Branch established in Decree 296/2022.

It is a compensation between producers who paid more than their obligations and those who are still paying their obligations.

With this refund, 61% of the balance in favor of producers who overpaid is being compensated.

In cases where the balance is less than US$ 500, 100% is paid in this transfer, it was indicated.

The transfers will be made to the dollar accounts of the producers who duly informed the institution.

For inquiries, producers should write to or call 2337 8239.

The reimbursement will reach 1,256 dairy farmers.

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