PRSC describes FP's complaint about Budget approval as double standards

PRSC describes FP’s complaint about Budget approval as double standards

Santo Domingo.- The senator for La Vega of the Social Christian Reform Party (PRSC), Ramón Rogelio Genao, described the denunciation of the People’s Force on the General State Budget Law of 2023 as double standards.

He also indicated that in the past budgets were approved under the same conditions.

“This is an act of double standards and political demagogy. We are talking about 10 of the twelve budgets approved in the governments of Leonel Fernández, the four of the administration of Hipólito Mejía and the eight promulgated in the term of Danilo Medina, were approved with similar clauses”, he pointed out.

The vice president of the Social Christian Reform Party (PRSC) highlighted that there are rulings that dictate that the Budget Law may vary temporarily after its approval.

“There are even rulings issued by the Constitutional Court that indicate that this Law can vary gradually after its approval, because it is special, in addition to being a privileged initiative of knowledge established in the Magna Carta itself,” said Genao.

He described the announcement that an appeal will be filed before the Constitutional Court denouncing the piece as a political demagogue and double standards.

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