Cubans viralize DPEPDPE and the regime is uncomfortable

MIAMI, United States. – While Cuban activists and Internet users viralize the label DPEPDPE (read “De Pinga El País De Pinga Este”) on social networks, the regime begins to complain and threaten, in an unofficial way, those who dare to tattoo, wear or simply reproduce on Twitter or Facebook the unique acronyms.

“In Cuba, sock puppets are used on t-shirts with the initials ‘DPEPDPE’ (…) as a sign of rebellion. The government has even launched a campaign against them,” alerted on Twitter the user identified as Willy.

For his part, the LGBTIQ+ activist Isbel Díaz Torres said that DPEPDPE was “the new slogan” for those who are forced to participate in the May Day paradescheduled for this Sunday.

A young Cuban tattooed the acronym DPEPDPE (Photo: Isbel Díaz/Twitter)

“I present to you the new terror of the communists… They are sending chain messages against this weapon of mass destruction… It would seem like a joke if it were not our harsh reality,” wrote on Twitter Cuban activist Magdiel Jorge Castro, sharing a photo of the popular pullover with the initials and the sock puppet.

Also the playwright Yunior García Aguilera, one of the most visible faces of the group Archipiélago, qualified the use of acronyms as an act of “ingenuity against censorship” and said that this May Day could be the “hashtags most used against the parade of the dictatorship”.

Precisely, on the eve of this massive event, organized by the regime annually, the label begins to multiply on Twitter and other social networks.

“There is no money to buy medicines or to help the pensioners that what they are paid does not allow them to get through even the first 10 days of the month. But to buy and make posters and advertisements for the 1st. [de Mayo] yes there is money. DPEPDPE”, wrote the user identified as Ronin.

Cubans viralize DPEPDPE and the regime is uncomfortable
Another young Cuban wears a T-shirt with the “DPEPDPE” on public transportation (Photo: Yulier Suárez/Twitter)

On the other side, the followers of the regime have not remained impassive. Pedro Jorge Velázquez, a young spokesman for the regime who usually justifies the abuses of the Government, said on facebook that “the same ones who said Patria y Vida yesterday (yesterday, because it’s over, like any reggaeton) and beat themselves in the chest for Cuba, are today the ones who say that ‘their country is a dick’”.

“My country is not a dick. My country is a source of pride”, he emphasized later.

For his part, the Facebook user Jorge Lopez (apparently one of the accounts used by followers of the regime) threatened to people who use the pullover with the acronym DPEPDPE.

“I don’t like to stand up against traffic,” he wrote. “But the worm that sees with a pullovito Of these I promise you will finish the parade half naked (things from San Miguel raised in Los Pollitos). As in Girón, if they are thrown, they remain. See you in the Plaza”, he finished.

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