Cuban Youtuber Hildina tells why she left Cuba: “It was a nightmare”

MADRID, Spain.-The young Cuban youtuber Hilda Núñez Díaz, known as hildinarevealed details this Thursday about his recent departure from Cuba, a decision he had to make due to the threats from the political police and the harassment in which he lived during the last year.

“It has not been easy. The decision “to leave everything behind and look for a new beginning… was due to everything that happened to me the day I was arrested on March 9,” she said at the beginning of a video shared on her channel. Youtube, where he also recalled that what he was doing was showing the reality of the Cuban and the deficiencies of day to day.

On March 9, an operation arrived at her house with more than 30 officers and five of them, all women, entered her home and forcibly removed her, “as if she were a murderer or a terrorist,” she recounted.

In night clothes, they took her for interrogation at the Operations Center in Santiago de Cuba, where she was threatened with going to prison and with custody of her son.

The most difficult thing, she explains, “was seeing my mother fall apart, and leaving my baby, all crying and screaming because of what was happening to me.”

Hildina relates that the following days “were a nightmare.”

“I could not enter my room without fearing if there were cameras or microphones, or without remembering that shocking moment for me in which they took me out in front of all my neighbors as if I were a criminal and took me into custody,” he explained in this regard.

“So I spent weeks afraid to go into my room, my mom had to give me nerve pills so I could fall asleep, I lived under stress, afraid to go out, to be alone, to everything, I was left with a huge trauma. She only wanted to leave Cuba and I couldn’t even do that because she had restricted her leaving. I couldn’t leave the house because they had me under surveillance,” she added.

After the arrest, Hildina was regulated. As soon as she learned about the removal of the measure, she fled Cuba with her son and temporarily settled in Trinidad and Tobago.

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