Cuban doctor: “In Cuba we work in conditions of slavery”

MIAMI, United States.- “In Cuba, health professionals work in conditions of slavery. It is not a personal experience, it is the experiences of hundreds” of thousands of doctors who have traveled in the so-called internationalist missions, Cuban doctor Miguel Ángel Zayas denounced in an interview with the First Broadcast of MVS News.

The specialist explained that hundreds of health professionals on the island depend on the regime and on propaganda for communism, and stressed that medical missions have for years been mechanisms of modern slavery, and that it has affected both those who leave the country and to those who stay.

The most important thing to highlight, the doctor assured the Mexican media, is that this is a situation that has been experienced in the Cuban professional field since 1961, when the first missions were in solidarity.

That, he said, “is human trafficking,” in addition to “forced separation.” “We are talking about more than 5,000 children who have stayed in Cuba because their parents have gone on these missions. This is nothing more than a form of modern day slavery.”

Likewise, Zayas stressed, the Cuban government does not speak of at least 100 professionals who have died due to “being trapped in vulnerable areas, in the midst of drug trafficking or gang conflicts, where there are no first and second level hospitals, as is the case right now in mexico with the places where AMLO wants to send the supposed 500 Cuban doctors.”

Cuban doctor, AMLO Miguel Angel Zayas
Cuban doctors in Mexico (Photo: Cubaminrex)

Miguel Ángel Zayas assured that they have been denouncing this situation for years, and “thank God now it is becoming more and more visible.”

Basic means of the government

“There is a total situation of dependency of the Cuban doctor on the government. The specialists have been considered as politicians who have to bring Castro’s ideology to the world. Doctors are considered a basic medium,” he said.

Likewise, Zayas considers, Fidel Castro was the one who gave the island the label of “medical power.” He “he made the world believe that Cuban professionals were exceptional and Castro’s ideology has used them to the world.”

The medical colleges were eliminated from Cuba, he also pointed out, “to leave all responsibility for the training of professionals in the government.”

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