Cristian and Jennifer, the newlyweds who left on Lolaya's bus for their new married life

Cristian and Jennifer, the newlyweds who left on Lolaya’s bus for their new married life

Couple who left by bus from Lolaya in Barranquilla.

The scene recorded inside a bus in Barranquilla is viral on networks.

Colombia News.

Jennifer de León and Cristian Muñoz are a couple from Barranquilla who on the afternoon of Thursday, May 26, got married civilly in a notary located in the north of Barranquilla.

In the closed area they gave the long-awaited “yes, I accept!” By legal means, they signed the documents, they gave each other the long-awaited kiss in front of the notary, the witnesses, and then they went home to begin their marital life.

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Contrary to what is usually done in these cases due to the elegance and dress of the bride and groom: going by car or in a taxi, the couple decided to take an urban service route and move to their new home.

The car was a public service affiliated with the Lolaya company, they took it on Calle 72 and Carrera 55. They got on in the company of other people who accompanied them to the civil wedding.

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Upon boarding the bus, the passengers noticed the particular scene: a couple dressed as boyfriends enjoying leaving by bus.

Below are the images:

Why did they make this decision?

Jennifer, spoke with TubarcoNewsCaribbean and said that this idea of ​​going by bus arose spontaneously.

“We are an uncomplicated couple who like to enjoy every space and break paradigms and we saw how fun we were to get on a bus after our wedding,” said the newlywed.

For them, the fact of leaving by bus also symbolizes “starting from scratch” without material goods involved, but rather the love that the two have.

Jennifer and Cristian met at an evangelical church some time ago. She lived in La Guajira and he here in Barranquilla, but that was not an impediment to starting a beautiful relationship that today was sealed with her passage to the altar.

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