Cristina Kirchner denounced repression and blamed Larreta, whom she compared to Macri

Cristina Kirchner denounced repression and blamed Larreta, whom she compared to Macri

Cristina Kirchner denounces repression in front of her house and says that “Rodríguez Larreta is Macri”


Vice President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner repudiated this Monday night the repression of the City Police against militants of the Front of All who supported her in the vicinity of her house in the Recoleta neighborhood of Buenos Aires and said that the actions of that security force It is “the only thing that was missing from (the head of the Buenos Aires government, Horacio) Rodríguez Larreta to be (Mauricio) Macri.”

(Photo: Alejandro Santa Cruz).

“The only thing that Rodríguez Larreta lacked to be Macri: the city police used sticks, pepper spray and tear gas to repress citizens who approached Juncal and Uruguay as a show of support in the face of insults from a group of macro freaks”, the former president said on Twitter.

And added that “Never, no militant or supporter of our political space has gone to the home of any macrista leader to insult them. Neither to the house of Macri, nor to that of Rodríguez Larreta, nor to that of Bullrich or Vidal”.

“They are very, very violent…and when they are less, the Rodríguez Larreta police join the aggression against me. They never were and will never be democratic,” he added to question the head of the Buenos Aires government, who hours later responded on Twitter in a message in which he demanded “not generate violence” and “take care of social peace”.

But then the Minister of Development of the Buenos Aires Community Andrés Larroque spoke out, who in turn accused Rodríguez Larreta’s police of “protecting the violent, gassing and attacking the demonstrators who went to express themselves in defense of Cristina Fernández de Kirchner “.

The events occurred tonight in the vicinity of the apartment where the Vice President of the Nation lives, where opposition groups that repudiated her and militants from the ruling party that support her attended, on the day that the prosecution requested that she be sentenced to 12 years and that they disqualify her for life from holding public office, in the framework of the trial for public works in Santa Cruz.

The clashes with the City Police occurred between 8:15 p.m. and 8:30 p.m., when the operation tried to displace the demonstrators who were in front of the Vice President’s house, who remained in the place, before which the troops pushed with the shields, between cane blows and pepper spray launched in the face of the Kirchnerist militants.

Photo Twitter la_campora
(Photo Twitter: @la_campora).

In the first line of the demonstration there were leaders of different organizations of the Front of All, among them national and provincial officials and legislators, and one of those who was there was the Buenos Aires deputy Adrián Grana (FdT), of the Militant Lealtad Current, who He was arrested by the Buenos Aires Police.

From that organization, which is part of Kirchnerism, they denounced the repression with a statement in which they confirmed the arrest of Grana, for “trying to stop the gases that the City police have accustomed us to every time the people demonstrate,” they warned.

Larroque also questioned Grana’s arrest, for which he blamed the head of the CABA government for his institutional role in commanding the Police.

Photo Alejandro Santa Cruz
(Photo: Alejandro Santa Cruz).

In addition, the incidents in front of the former president’s house were repudiated from the networks by La Cámpora, which released a video from Twitter accompanied by posts in which it accused “Horacio Rodríguez Larreta, Macri, Magnetto and all Together for Change” of “Sending people to Cristina’s house, making available the media-judicial firing squad to incite violence.”

In a Twitter thread, La Cámpora warned that the City Police did not allow the protesters who had approached the place, in the vicinity of Uruguay and Juncal, to reach the door of the building where the former president resides; She later denounced that the troops fired pepper spray “at those who did not promote any type of violent action.”

Lastly, the Minister of the Interior, Eduardo ‘Wado’ De Pedro, questioned the media treatment that the TN news signal, from Grupo Clarín, displayed throughout the day, since “they broadcast early from the private home of Vice President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner, without there being any people or any journalistic interest, urging that there be protests where they do not belong.”

Rodríguez Larreta answered Cristina

Horacio Rodríguez Larreta asked Vice President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner not to “engender more violence”, after the former president denounced a repression in front of her house caused by the City Police, and the head of the Buenos Aires Government also called ” defend independent justice”.

In this regard, Rodríguez Larreta replied through the same social network: “We are at a pivotal moment in our history as a country. The moment in which we have to defend independent Justice and the division of powers, fundamental pillars of our Democracy and of our Republic,” he wrote.

The head of the Buenos Aires government stated that “in recent days we have seen how the judicial process for public works in the Kirchner government is advancing” and assured that “the evidence presented by the prosecutor is really convincing.”

“In time, the judges will determine the responsibilities and impose, if appropriate, the sentences,” he added.

Along these lines, he stated: “Mrs. Vice President, in the meantime, we all have the responsibility not to generate violence and contribute to maintaining social peace. The City Police will always work to take care of the residents of the City and to avoid clashes between Argentines. “.

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