Felipe D'Avila commits to Abrinq's proposals

Felipe D’Avila commits to Abrinq’s proposals

The candidate for the Presidency of the Republic, Felipe D’Avila, from Novo, visited today (22) the Fundação Abrinq, philanthropic arm of the Brazilian Association of Toy Manufacturers (Abrinq). He signed a term of commitment proposed by the entity, promising to establish new public policies in defense of the rights and development of Brazilian children.Felipe D'Avila commits to Abrinq's proposals

The document brings together proposals and goals based on a mapping of the educational and social situation in the country. “One of our biggest concerns is the reduction of child poverty, the most harmful form of poverty, which can have lifelong impacts,” Felipe D’Avila posted on social media before the visit.

Among the commitments assumed is the reduction of mortality, poverty, food insecurity, exploitation and sexual violence among children and adolescents. In recent days, candidates Eymael (DC) and Soraia Thronicke (União Brasil) also signed the term.

In a note, the campaign’s advisory said that, among the proposed commitments, five coincide with the government’s plan and the ideology of Felipe D’Avila. “In addition to them, the candidate considers that all 18 commitments presented by Abrinq are of interest to the future of Brazil and will be among his goals, when elected”, adds the text.

The trip to Abrinq marked the resumption of Felipe D’Avila’s external agendas. He devoted the last three days to recording the TV show.

On social media, the candidate made a call today for the first debate between the presidential candidates, which will take place next Sunday (28), at 9 pm, on TV Bandeirantes. “I will show that a new Brazil is possible for everyone,” he wrote.

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