Cristian Nodal apologized to J Balvin for his 'tiraera', the Mexican had 'hunted' a fight with the paisa in the 'Residente' style

Cristian Nodal apologized to J Balvin for his ‘tiraera’, the Mexican had ‘hunted’ a fight with the paisa in the ‘Residente’ style

Nodal and J Balvin.

It all started with a photo that J Balvin put as a “joke” comparing himself to Nodal, but in the face of the Mexican singer’s furious response, the paisa did not respond in a good way either and many ask him to also apologize.

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The singers J Balvin and Christian Nodal fell into an exchange of words for a few days that ended with an apology from the regional Mexican artist.

It all started when Belinda’s ex-boyfriend appeared on her networks with a look very similar to that of the Colombian reggaeton player.

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The paisa reacted with some humor to this haircut of his colleague who launched himself into stardom with the song “Goodbye love”, a theme of spite that captivated the new generations.

“Find the differences,” Balvin wrote in the publication accompanied by laughing emoticons.

Nodal reacted to this mockery in the following way in his Instagram stories: “This guy didn’t wake up a joker, he woke up without taking his pills, because he’s not coherent, that the bastard has a documentary talking about peace, mental health, vibes and energies, but in his account that has millions and millions of followers he uploaded a photo so that they make fun of me, when everyone knows it I am getting up from a very strong shit that I lived and there is no right to do those things, You have to use the networks well.

After this, J Balvin responded with a new round in which he published a video in his stories with the message: “About the previous photo without any bad intentions but the photo is beautiful”, alluding to the singer’s ex-partner and his breaking off.

Nodal again responded to Balvin’s message: “This guy hasn’t learned: he kicked you in the ass Resident and you didn’t learn, I think you even liked it, but you won’t like mine because I wear cowboy boots, they’re pointy They hurt a lot more. You want to make fun, make people laugh, just sing live on your carnal Instagram, don’t upload things of mine, of people you don’t know.

Later, he announced that he would get a ‘tiraera’ from him in his best style. This theme was released this Saturday June 4 and is called Sunflower:

However, Nodal would have regretted entering into discord with the #1 artist of the urban genre.

This is what he would have said in the middle of one of his shows.

«Two days locked up making a song that, although I regretted it and I regret it, there is no way to stop it, it will come out. I want to tell you something, you don’t have to be shit… in life because these things are what happen when you are not aware of how much damage we can do to other people. Respect yourself and respect others », he said in full concert.

He added that in general terms that song was not for Balvin but for all those who throw him: «That song is not for Balvin. It’s for all the shitty people that don’t let me forget my past and don’t let me recover as a human being. Balvin was only a reference to the unconsciousness that exists in this world. It’s not Balvin, it’s the world.”

Faced with criticism for his song “Sunflower”, the Mexican singer “exploded” in his Instagram stories and asked that the questions cease as he had apologized to his colleague.

In addition, he was blunt in the fact that he did not agree that the paisa had uploaded the photo of his look to his Instagram account where he was “exposed to 50 million followers.”

Cristian Nodal apologized to J Balvin for his 'tiraera', the Mexican had 'hunted' a fight with the paisa in the 'Residente' style
Christian Nodal Instagram stories.

So far J Balvin has not spoken after the apologies of Cristian Nodal.

Cover photo: @jbalvin

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