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Cristaldo Mieres, new leader of EPP, and the goal: “herd” natives

The terrorist leader dead, another terrorist takes over in his place. However, the EPP is running out of historical operations, and now they aim to “herd” indigenous people (they failed with peasants) applying the formula of adhesion by terror.

After the death of Osvaldo Villalba, the operational leadership of the self-styled Army of the Paraguayan People was left with Manuel Cristaldo Mieres as the new “commander” of the terrorists.

Number two is Magna Meza, who the security forces that confronted the group that Villalba was in, maintain that she could have been injured in the crossfire in the area of ​​Cerro Guazú, in the department of Amambay.

The original leaders, as is known, are Alcides Oviedo and his former partner Carmen Villalba, prisoners in the Specialized Group and the Good Shepherd, respectively.

According to Commissioner Nimio Cardozo, head of Anti-kidnapping, the three EPP deaths in the confrontation in Amambay leave the criminal group with just under fifteen executive members.

The violent attitude of the EPP in the Pai Tavytera community of Amambay, in which the cacique Alcides Morilla and a member of the native settlement were murdered, reveals that the EPP is planning to seek membership based on fear. This from the failure of trying to swell the group with members of the peasant sector, where the terrorist discourse and method definitely did not catch on.

Security analysts say that now is the time for the Joint Task Forces to carry out a thorough search of the area where, it is now known, the EPP can operate.

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In effect, the “meeting” of the forces of order and the epepistas was verified on information handled by the former, about the modus operandi of the criminals. These, according to the operational authorities, established a corridor whose central axis is the water courses of the operational areas of the EPP, that is, the departments of San Pedro, Concepción and Amambay.

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