They admit for processing an appeal that seeks to nullify the election of the new Ombudsman

The Ombudsman asks the Prosecutor’s Office to investigate a complaint against the Minister of Health, despite his dismissal

The Ombudsman asked the Prosecutor to investigate the complaint against the after the President of the Republic, Pedro Castillo, announced his resignation from office last Sunday night.

Through its institutional account on Twitter, the entity stated that the investigations of the Public Ministry must be carried out beyond the fact that López Peña has been removed from office.

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“The exercise of the public function must be carried out with suitability and probity. Personal favors of this nature have no place in public service, even more so when they seek to evade compliance with the law.”noted on the social network.

As is recalled, López Peña would have ordered portfolio workers to make repeated deposits of money to the account of the mother of his daughter. This, in order to acquire a new apartment in Jesús María, a few blocks from the Minsa offices.

According to the report published by the ‘Punto Final’ program, on August 31, six of the workers from the circle close to the minister had been brought together to receive several envelopes of S/ 9,000 each to be deposited into a specific bank account.

In addition, these people received instructions that the money in each envelope should be deposited in different banking agencies and that they should be dispersed throughout Lima so that they are not the same districts from which the deposits are made.

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In this way, an operation of ‘smurf’ that ended accumulating S/ 98,400 in a single account, belonging to Dervy Apaza Meza. The deposits were made by these ministry employees in 12 different agencies and in just a few hours.

On the other hand, according to the investigations of ‘Punto Final’, on August 22, the wife of the head of Health would have received US$70,000, in her account in dollars, from Luis Quito, a businessman in the health sector.


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