Covid-19: Rio starts second booster dose in people aged 50

Residents of Rio de Janeiro, from the age of 50, can now go to health posts to receive the second booster dose of the vaccine against covid-19. Application in this age group begins today (3).Covid-19: Rio starts second booster dose in people aged 50Covid-19: Rio starts second booster dose in people aged 50

According to the Municipal Health Department, the interval between doses should be at least four months. Anyone with flu-like symptoms should not take the immunizer and can go to a health unit to do a diagnostic test for covid-19.

At MondayOn Friday (30), the secretariat started to boost the vaccine in adolescents aged 12 to 17 years, respecting the same four-month interval as the Monday dose.


The panels of the Department of Health indicate that 46.1% of people aged 60 years or older took the Monday booster dose. Among young people aged 20 to 29, 56% are missing the booster and in the 30 to 39 age group, 48% have not completed the third dose.

The only age group that has not completed the first dose of the vaccine is children aged 5 to 11 years – there are 122,000 to start immunization against the disease, which is equivalent to 22% of the estimated public.

Increase in cases

The registration of new cases has increased in recent weeks. In April, the seven-day moving average dropped below 80 cases, rising to 400 on the same day. 15th May and reaching more than a thousand in the Sunday (29). For now, the increase in the number of cases is not reflected in an increase in deaths.

The test positivity rate has also been rising. It was in the range of 5% in April, it went up to 13% in the middle of of May and now it’s at 21%. At the moment, there are 73 people hospitalized in the city’s public health network for covid-19.

Even with the increase in cases, the prefecture informed that the situation is not serious and that, for now, it will not resume restrictive measures, such as the mandatory use of masks in closed environments. The Health Department, however, recommended that anyone with flu-like symptoms wear masks, as well as children and adolescents in schools.

Epidemiological surveillance reports that the subtype Ômicron BA.4 is predominant in the city.

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