Costa Rica denounces the Nicaraguan crisis and requests "urgent attention from the international community"

Costa Rica denounces the Nicaraguan crisis and requests “urgent attention from the international community”

Costa Rica denounced this Wednesday at the United Nations General Assembly the political crisis that Nicaragua is experiencing and indicated that it “demands the urgent attention of the international community” to solve this situation that has caused a serious migratory flow in recent years.

Costa Rican Foreign Minister Arnoldo André explained that his country has never closed its doors to migrants and recalled that they are the fourth country in the world that received the most new refugee applications per capita in 2021 and the first country of refuge for Nicaraguans.

However, he indicated that the economic situation and fiscal straits, coupled with this phenomenon of massive migratory flows, limit the capacity for action and put adequate coverage at risk, “that in the past we have assured these hundreds of thousands of people, who They have sought refuge on our soil.”

“It is with a true sense of urgency that we require the support of the international community to address this challenge, which has been aggravated not only by conflict and poverty, but also by the impact of climate change,” added Foreign Minister André.

He also stated that pressure should be exerted for the release of hundreds of political prisoners in Nicaragua, as well as for the restoration of freedom of expression and the press, the free exercise of the right of association of civil society and the return to democracy, which According to human rights organizations, it is in decline after Ortega returned to power in 2007.

Nicaraguan Foreign Minister says that political prisoners “are lies”

However, Nicaragua denies having political prisoners, despite the fact that human rights organizations count some 200 arrested opponents, within these seven people who aspired to the presidency in 2021, as well as student leaders, diplomats, businessmen, and members of civil society.

“Don’t keep lying, because they are liars,” he told the voice of america Nicaraguan Foreign Minister Denis Moncada when consulted by the political prisoners blamed on him by the United States.

Call for gradual reduction in military spending

On the other hand, Costa Rica urged the countries to gradually reduce military spending, taking into account that the Army had been abolished in his country.

“The more weapons we produce, the more they will escape our best management and control efforts. It is about prioritizing the life and well-being of people and the planet over the benefits that can be obtained from weapons and war,” André explained.

He also called on Russia to cease attacks against Ukraine “against its civilian population and infrastructure.”

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