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Cosse assures that “it was a mistake of a person” donation of the IM to the FA and that “it was corrected”

Cosse assures that "it was a mistake of a person" donation of the IM to the FA and that "it was corrected"

The mayor of Montevideo, Carolina Cosse, spoke of a questionable donation from the capital’s mayor to the Broad Front, which she defined as a “mistake” by “one person” which has already been corrected.

According to Cosse, “when it was detected, they talked to that person who understood they had made a mistake.” It was a package of t-shirts and backpacks that was returned “within two seconds.”

“We called the Broad Front and they were disappointed because it was not correct. Nobody gave the order, it was a personal mistake that this person made. She talked to herself, she understood that he had made a mistake and for me the issue is closed. It’s already been solved, and well, these things can’t happen, “said the hierarch this Thursday at a press conference at the reopening of the Museum of Art History (Muhar).

He added that when he found out “he couldn’t believe it.”

“The Administration cannot generate donations to any political institution. The relevant thing is that we detected it and the error was corrected”, continued Cosse, who precisely belongs to the Broad Front, with whose president, Fernando Pereira, she communicated to discuss the situation.

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