Electoral reform requires fine surgery "machetes or ax blows”: Córdova

Córdova: An electoral reform by majority voting would trigger post-electoral conflicts

In his weekly video message posted on Twitter, the counselor warned that there is “the need to build any reform with a broad consensus that prevents majorities and exclusions that, if they occur, will inevitably be the source of problems that we have already overcome today. in electoral matters”.

The counselor pointed out that without consensus, “a 30-year-old political construction that today is a source of stability and public peace” would be put in danger.

For this reason, if a reform prospers, he hoped, “hopefully for the good of all, it will be the result of a respectful dialogue among all and broad and inclusive coincidences and consensus, an essential condition for the maintenance of our democracy.”

In his message Córdova Vianello defended the decision, taken by him on June 28, to ask the Venice Commission of the European Council for an opinion on the electoral reform initiative sent by President Andrés Manuel López Obrador to the Chamber of Deputies and other proposals discussed in Congress.

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