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Convicted for Operation Ocean, he was imprisoned for eight hours by mistake

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The Paraguayan citizen who was the “cornerstone” of Operation Ocean signed an abbreviated agreement about two months ago, which included house arrest and supervised release. He had already been imprisoned for nine months on a precautionary basis for this cause. But two weeks ago, the apparent calm that he had achieved was interrupted when police officers entered his house and told him that he was going back to prison.

The man did not understand what was happening. He was transferred to the Punta de Rieles prison, where he spent eight hours in the Diagnostic and Referral Unit. His lack of understanding made sense: it was an error by the Office of Supervision of Assisted Release (OSLA), which was corrected when his lawyer appeared in court and asked that they fix the problem.

“They did not read or did not understand the communication well and told him that he was going back to jail,” said a witness to what happened to The Observer.


how is your agreement

In November 2019, the man who has now been mistakenly taken to jail reported one of the victims of Operation Ocean for extortion. When Aldana Bonsignore appeared drowned in March 2020 – considered a suicide – her cell phone was checked, the information was triangulated with the complaint of the Paraguayan citizen and thus the cause arose, which later had several chapters.

He, who was always considered one of the most committed in the investigation, obtained an abbreviated agreement of three years and three months in prison: 15 months of effective prison (of which 12 have already been computed due to the precautionary measures he had to comply with), 12 under house arrest and another 12 under supervised release.

Initially he was accused of having had a link with Bonsignore and with the main victim. “He admits the contempt, understands what the crime of promise and retribution consists of, but maintains that he was misled because he knows them through adult pages and he goes to the Dazzler hotel where they requested their identity cards and that in their story they gave credit to their coming of age. There is an adult who led them into error, ”said his lawyer, Santiago Alonso, to El Observador.

However, the prosecution, with the chats between the now convicted and the victim’s statement, considered that they had enough evidence to continue.

How is the case going?

The judge of Operation Ocean, María Noel Tonarelli, accepted the appeal of unconstitutionality that lawyers in the case had filed for the 11 defendants who are going to trial. Once the Prosecutor’s Office answers the request, the Supreme Court of Justice (SCJ) must rule and until a decision is made, the case will not be retaken.

The lawyers of the defendants who will go to trial for Operation Ocean filed a brief to promote the appeal against four articles for which the prosecution intends to condemn them.

In the document, the defenses replicate chats between the victims that, according to their understanding, prove that there was an “organization made up of young adults and minors, with an active and developed sexual life, who offered their services in exchange for money by infiltrating adults-only social networks

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