Congressman Muñante thus defended meeting with the association of the "Rights of Man"

Congressman Muñante thus defended meeting with the association of the “Rights of Man”

The alternate spokesperson for Renovación Popular, defended and justified the meeting he held this week with representatives of the association “for the Rights of Man in Peru.”

Speaking to the press this Wednesday, after participating in the presentation ceremony of the new magistrates of the Constitutional Court, Muñante gave details about what the requests of this group of men are.

The objective [de esa asociación] is to give access to equal justice between men and women. They demand equal treatment in cases of family violence. They refer that chen you are a woman they give you a risk assessment form [al hacer la denuncia en una comisaria]And if you’re a man they don’t give you anything. That’s what they told me.”he stated.

Last Tuesday, Muñante shared on his social networks images of the meeting he had with these male citizens, within the framework of the week of representation.

“I met with the Association for the Rights of Man of Peru. They expressed their concern about the lack of impartiality that has been imparted in courts due to Law 30364 “Law to prevent, punish and eradicate violence against women and members of the family group”wrote.

“A law that should promote family integrity, but is used ideologically to promote division to the detriment of men. They add that indoctrination is carried out through “training courses” at all levels of government”, added in another post.


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