Concern in prisons: violent interventions and robberies by prison officers

Concern in prisons: violent interventions and robberies by prison officers

The Ombudsman denounced inhumane treatment of patients who go to the National Cancer Institute (INCAN), committed by the institution’s health workers themselves, according to testimonies from those affected.

Through an official statement, the Ombudsman, Rafael Ávilasat posture after the series of complaints related to mistreatment of patients who come to INCAN.

Through the document -disclosed through social networks-, the authority expresses its repudiation before mistreatment and acts of violence reported by both patients and family memberswho already have to deal with the hardships that cancer brings with it.

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The Ombudsman’s Office also expresses its concern “Given the increase in acts of abuse, lack of immediate medical attention, lack of supplies or medicines“, just like him inhumane treatment committed by the health workers themselves.

In the text, the specific case of an oncology patient who denounced having been mistreated by the head of the INCAN Oncology Service, Dr. Luis María Alarcóndespite the fact that she is in a delicate state of health due to suffering from breast cancer.

The victim states that she heard the following expressions from the doctor: “Why follow this medical treatment with these drugs if you are going to die anyway; these medications are very expensive and they will not cure you… do not come to me with legal protection because I am going to deny any type of report that comes to me”, among other phrases.

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Given what happened, the Ombudsman requires the Ministry of Health to intervene in these complaints and that it arbitrate the necessary mechanisms with the entire staff of health workers, in addition to can open a summary and punish Dr. Luis María Alarcón.

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