Colombia once again exceeded 30,000 daily infections of covid-19

Colombia once again exceeded 30,000 daily infections of covid-19

After several months, Colombia once again exceeded 30,000 daily cases of COVID-19 contagion.

This Saturday, January 8, the country reported 31,170 infections after processing 72,514 tests (38,035 of PCR and 34,479 of antigens).

In the historical balance, 5.3 million infections were exceeded: 5’300,032. And in terms of tests, the total that have been done is 30,272,205.

As of this Saturday, the recovered cases are 5’029.052 and the infections that are still active, 121.863.

Bogotá (1’512.386), Antioquia (829.16266 le del Cauca (466.626), Atlántico (350.559) and Cundinamarca (272.210), the areas of the country with the most historical cases.

The world, for its part, accumulates 304,327,647 infections.

In the death section, these they did go down again and 38 were reported, of which 35 occurred in previous days.

The total number of deaths is already 130,288 in the country and in the world, in 5’483.528.

As of January 5, 69,949,800 doses of covid vaccines have been distributed in the country, of which 65,895,507 have been applied. What’s more, the number of people with a complete vaccination scheme is 28,903,827 and the reinforcements applied, 3,710,208.


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