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Barra Torres Rebuts President’s Statements on Childhood Vaccination

The director-president of the National Health Surveillance Agency (Anvisa), Antonio Barra Torres, released a statement in which he denies the existence of hidden interests behind the approval of the vaccination of children aged 5 to 11 years against covid-19. In the text, he asks President Jair Bolsonaro for a retraction about speech related to the subject.

In an interview with a radio station last week, Bolsonaro questioned Anvisa’s interest in the approval of Pfizer’s vaccine against covid-19 for children in this age group. “What is Anvisa’s interest behind this?”, he asked.

In the note, released this Saturday night, Barra Torres says that if the president has information that indicates corruption, he should order a police investigation. “Now, if you don’t have such information or evidence, exercise the greatness that your position demands and, by the God you quote so much, withdraw. We are fighting the same enemy and there is still a lot of war ahead. Reviewing a wrong speech or act will not diminish you in any way. Quite the opposite”, concludes Barra Torres.Barra Torres Rebuts President's Statements on Childhood Vaccination

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