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IMSS advances in use of QR code for nutrition

From the Editorial Office

La Jornada newspaper
Sunday, January 9, 2022, p. 6

The Mexican Institute of Social Security (IMSS) made progress in the national implementation of the QR code on nutrition in medical units, with the aim of favoring the health status of pediatric patients and guaranteeing them a diet that meets the caloric requirements in accordance with their individual characteristics.

During the weekly meeting between Social Security authorities with parents of pediatric cancer patients, Ana Livier Medrano Lerma, Nutrition leader at the third level of care, pointed out that this strategy will improve the diet offered to all hospitalized patients and ensure that the standards of quality, taste, temperature are met and accompanied by an attractive presentation.

In a virtual session, he explained that by scanning the QR code with a mobile device, the diet that can be given to minors in the pediatric area is presented, an initiative where the institute seeks to make the view of the menus thematic, with figures and motivators.

At the IMSS we care a lot about the feeding of all children, because we know how important it is for a speedy recovery, he assured.

Livier Medrano explained that this project will implement inclusion criteria for vulnerable populations such as geriatric patients, with multiple hospitalizations per year and for long periods of time.

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