Codia asks to retire 291 elderly affiliates

Codia asks to retire 291 elderly affiliates

The Dominican College of Engineers, Architects and Surveyors (Codia) demanded this Thursday from the Government solidarity pension for 291 members and review of 111 sections of people who receive a very low amount that does not allow them to live with dignity.

The president of the entity, Cristian Rojasinformed that they are collegiate who are over 65 years old and the labor market does not employ them.

“We as Codia help various with medicines and small aid, some for operations, the College is always there for that, but there are many and we cannot meet all the needs with the resources we receive and we hope to be favored with a good amount of pensions and if it is for the 11th that we celebrate our 60th anniversary, it would be extraordinary for our members”, argued.

He appealed to the president so that these people can live the time they have left in a calmer way. He indicated that in 2014 around 50 members were pensioned and since then they have been applying for others and they have not been granted.

Collapse on premises

On the other hand, Rojas reported that the codia is in business with the construction company that caused the collapse from one of its classrooms for work that was done in the back of the College headquarters because they do not want to go to court and prefer to negotiate.

“Recently, in the month of December they came to start the shoring work because a company came and did some studies on the entire building, which is vulnerable due to the time it has and the way it is built, a structure made of masonry, it is not a reinforced concrete structure,” he said.

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He recalled that the company that affected them did not have any permission to do the work that caused the collapse part of the structure of the codia and announced that they will soon sign a agreement not to go to court and solve the problem.

The president of the codia also announced the 60th anniversary celebration of the foundation of that entity, from the 7th to the 15th of this month with a technical-scientific conference.

Guests from Panama, Costa Rica, Puerto Rico, Chile, Colombia, Argentina, Ecuador and Cuba will participate.

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